Livewire was a monthly music magazine published in the United Kingdom from 1980 to 1991. The magazine covered a broad range of music genres, ranging from rock and pop to reggae and hip hop.Image:livewire-sample-cover

Livewire was known for its in-depth interviews with both established and up-and-coming musicians. The magazine also featured reviews of albums, concerts, and music-related films and books, as well as articles on the music industry and trends.

One of the most popular features of Livewire was the "Flexidisc," a flexible vinyl record that was included with each issue of the magazine. The Flexidisc contained tracks from some of the latest and most exciting bands of the time, and helped to introduce many readers to new music and artists.

Livewire was also notable for its coverage of politically-charged music, featuring interviews with bands and musicians who were using their music to address social and political issues.

Despite its popularity, Livewire struggled financially in the late 1980s and was eventually forced to merge with another music magazine, Sounds, in 1991. The magazine ceased publication shortly after the merger.

Today, Livewire is remembered as an influential music magazine that played an important role in shaping the tastes and opinions of music fans in the UK and beyond.{{Categories}}

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