Los Angeles Times Magazine

Los Angeles Times Magazine was a Sunday magazine published by the Los Angeles Times newspaper.Image:los-angeles-times-magazine-sample-cover

The magazine was originally founded in 1901 as part of the Los Angeles Herald newspaper and was acquired by the Los Angeles Times in 1913. It was published on a weekly basis until 1989, when it was converted into a monthly publication.

The magazine covered a wide range of topics, including politics, arts and culture, and lifestyle. Its articles and photo essays showcased the people, places, and events that defined Los Angeles and its surrounding communities.

Over the years, Los Angeles Times Magazine published stories by a number of notable writers and journalists, including Ray Bradbury, Joan Didion, and James Ellroy. Its photography, often accompanied by in-depth reporting and analysis, also garnered critical acclaim.

In 2012, the Los Angeles Times announced that it would discontinue publication of Los Angeles Times Magazine as a standalone publication. However, the newspaper has continued to feature standalone magazine-style issues on occasion, incorporating some of the features and style of the original magazine into its Sunday newspaper format.{{Categories}}

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