Lost Treasure Magazine

Lost Treasure MagazineImage:lost-treasure-magazine-sample-cover

Lost Treasure Magazine is a monthly publication specializing in treasure hunting, metal detecting, and mining history.

The magazine was first published in 1966 and has since become a leading source of information for treasure hunters and metal detecting enthusiasts. It is published by Américas Publishers, LLC, based in Palm Coast, Florida.

Each issue of Lost Treasure Magazine features articles on lost coins, artifacts, shipwrecks, and buried treasure. The magazine also includes regular columns on metal detecting techniques, equipment, and upcoming events in the treasure hunting community.

In addition to its treasure hunting focus, Lost Treasure Magazine also publishes articles on historic mines and mining towns, as well as profiles of notable treasure hunters and explorers.

Over the years, the magazine has amassed a dedicated following among treasure hunting enthusiasts, and has helped to popularize the hobby in the United States and beyond. Its commitment to historical accuracy and in-depth reporting has made it a trusted source of information for amateur and professional treasure hunters alike.{{Categories}}

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