Lowrider is a monthly publication dedicated to the lowrider lifestyle and culture.Image:lowrider-sample-cover

The magazine was founded in 1977 by San Jose State University student Larry Gonzalez as a way to showcase the unique beauty and artistry of lowrider cars. It has since become a leading source of information and inspiration for the lowrider community, featuring articles on lowrider car and bike customization, hydraulics, paint and graphics, and music and art.

Over the years, Lowrider Magazine has become synonymous with Chicano culture and the lowrider lifestyle, and has helped to popularize the car culture worldwide. Its coverage of lowrider car shows, cultural events, and community news has made it a powerful platform for connecting lowrider enthusiasts and promoting the lowrider lifestyle.

In addition to its focus on cars and bikes, Lowrider Magazine has also featured articles on fashion, music, sports, and community issues. It has consistently highlighted the achievements and contributions of Latinos and other marginalized groups, and has advocated for social justice and equality.

Lowrider printed its final issue dated March 2020.{{Categories}}

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