Mad Kids

Mad Kids is a Turkish children's magazine that features a variety of content targeted towards children aged 7-14. It was first published in 2008 by Arasta Pazarlama under the Mad brand.Image:mad-kids-sample-cover

The magazine covers topics such as science, technology, history, sports, and music, as well as featuring comics, puzzles, and games. It has a strong focus on educational content, with a goal of encouraging children to learn and explore. The magazine is published monthly and is available in both print and digital formats.

Mad Kids has been well-received by both children and parents in Turkey. Its educational content and engaging format have helped to make it a popular choice among families looking for a fun and educational magazine for their children.

In addition to its print and online content, Mad Kids also hosts workshops, events, and camps aimed at promoting education and creativity among children. These events have included coding workshops, cooking classes, and science experiments, among others.

Overall, Mad Kids is a well-regarded children's magazine in Turkey that provides a fun and educational platform for children to learn and explore. Its commitment to promoting education and creativity has helped it to become a popular choice among families.{{Categories}}

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