Magazine of Western History

Magazine of Western History was a historical magazine that focused on a broad range of topics related to the history and culture of the American West. It was founded in 1884 by Moses K. Armstrong and published by the Western Reserve Historical Society.Image:magazineof-western-history-sample-cover

The magazine featured a mix of articles, historic photographs, and illustrations, covering topics such as exploration, pioneer life, mining, and the development of the western United States. It offered a unique perspective on the history of the American West, serving as a historical resource for scholars, researchers, and history enthusiasts.

The Magazine of Western History was published until 1917, with over 30 volumes produced during its publication run. Notable contributions came from writers such as Theodore Roosevelt, Lewis and Clark historian Reuben Gold Thwaites, and western artist Frederic Remington.

In 1918, the magazine was merged with "The Mississippi Valley Historical Review" and renamed the "Mississippi Valley Historical Review with The Western Historical Quarterly". In 1997, "The Mississippi Valley Historical Review" would later be renamed the Journal of American History.

Today, the Magazine of Western History serves as a valuable historical resource for those interested in the history and culture of the American West during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Its archives offer a glimpse into the events and figures that shaped this pivotal period in American history.{{Categories}}

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