Magic, also known as The Magazine for Magicians, was a monthly magazine that focused on magic and illusion. The magazine was published in the United States by The Ireland Magic Company and was in circulation from 1900 to 1995.Image:magic-sample-cover

The magazine featured articles on the art of magic, reviews of magic products, interviews with prominent magicians, and coverage of events and conventions in the magic community.

Notable contributors to Magic included Harry Houdini, Thurston, and Dai Vernon, among others. The magazine was highly regarded within the magic community and was widely considered as an authoritative resource for magicians.

In its early years, the magazine played a crucial role in the development of magic as a performing art, disseminating new techniques and tricks to magicians all over the world. Over time, the magazine expanded to include coverage of other areas of interest to magicians, such as mentalism and sleight of hand.

The magazine ceased publication in 1995 after 95 years in circulation, but its archives continue to be a valuable resource for magicians, historians, and researchers interested in the history of magic. The Ireland Magic Company, currently run by Cherie and Mark Ireland, continues to operate as a magic retailer, manufacturer, and publisher.{{Categories}}

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