MANAS is a quarterly journal that focuses on the exploration of the human condition from a philosophical and spiritual perspective. The journal was first published in the United States in 1948 by Henry Geiger, an American corporate executive, and his wife, Edith Geiger.Image:manas-sample-cover

The journal featured articles, essays, poetry, and book reviews from a wide range of contributors, including Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr., Buckminster Fuller, Carl Jung, and Bertrand Russell. The articles published in MANAS often centered on topics such as human freedom, individualism, democracy, ecology, spirituality, and education.

In its early years, the journal gained a reputation as a significant voice in humanist and progressive circles and found a wide readership among intellectuals, academics, and social activists in the United States. Over time, the journal's readership expanded to include readers from all over the world, reflecting its growing influence in a global community of thinkers and seekers.

MANAS continued to be published by the Geigers until Edith Geiger's death in 1979. In the following years, the journal was published by a collective of editors, including Paul Lee and David Marshak. As of 2021, MANAS is still in publication, and its archives continue to be a valuable resource for scholars, researchers, and individuals interested in the history of humanist thought and progressive politics.{{Categories}}

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