Maximum Rocknroll

Maximum Rocknroll is a punk rock magazine founded in 1977 by Tim Yohannan. It was initially published monthly, but later changed to a smaller size and became a bi-monthly publication.Image:maximum-rocknroll-sample-cover

The magazine was founded in San Francisco and has been an influential voice in the punk rock scene for decades. Its coverage of punk rock music and culture has been described as comprehensive, with a strong focus on DIY ethics and political activism.

In addition to coverage of punk rock music, Maximum Rocknroll also provides information on punk rock zines, independent record labels, and touring bands. It has also been known for its record reviews, which are contributed by independent writers from around the world.

Maximum Rocknroll has been praised for its politically progressive content and its commitment to promoting marginalized voices in the punk rock community. It has also been criticized for its adversarial approach to mainstream culture and for perceived elitism within the punk rock scene.

Despite the challenges faced by print publications, Maximum Rocknroll continues to be published on a regular basis and remains an influential voice in the punk rock community. Its dedication to showcasing underground and DIY punk rock culture has made it an important resource for punk rock fans worldwide.{{Categories}}

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