Meatpaper is a magazine founded in 2007 by Sasha Wizansky and Amy Standen. The magazine is dedicated to exploring the intersections between meat and culture, with a focus on the ethical, environmental, and social implications of meat consumption.Image:meatpaper-sample-cover.jpeg

The magazine features a mix of content, including essays, interviews, and art pieces, as well as recipes that emphasize alternative meat sources like insects and plant-based proteins. Its editorial tone is described as playful and irreverent, with a strong sense of humor.

Meatpaper gained a cult following in the food world for its provocative content and unconventional approach to meat. The magazine has been described as an "anti-foodie" publication that challenges mainstream assumptions about food and food culture.

Despite its popularity, Meatpaper faced financial struggles in its later years and ceased publication in 2011. However, its impact on food culture has endured, with its innovative approach to meat and food culture influencing a generation of writers and chefs.

In recent years, Meatpaper has been revived as an online publication, and some of its original content has been republished in the book "Meatpaper: A Book of Essays, Stories, and Recipes." The magazine's legacy as a pioneer in the field of food journalism and culture criticism remains strong.{{Categories}}

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