Media Life Magazine

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Media Life Magazine was a trade publication focused on the media industry. The magazine was founded in 1999 by Gene Ely, who had previously served as editor at Adweek and TV Guide.

The magazine covered a range of topics related to media, including advertising, television, radio, and the internet. Its content included news, features, and interviews with industry leaders.

Media Life Magazine was particularly known for its coverage of the advertising industry, with a focus on innovative ad campaigns and emerging trends in brand marketing. It also provided analysis of the television and radio industries, with a focus on programming and audience demographics.

Media Life Magazine ceased publication in 2011, due in part to declining advertising revenues and increased competition in the media trade publication industry. However, its legacy as a valuable resource for media professionals and industry observers remains strong, with its archives continue to be a source of information about the evolution of the media industry in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.{{Categories}}

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