Mediaweek was a weekly trade publication focused on news and analysis of the media industry in the United States. The magazine was first published in 1989 by media and marketing company Adweek.Image:mediaweek-sample-cover.jpeg

The publication covered a wide range of topics including television, radio, print, and digital media. Its content included news articles, feature stories, and analysis of emerging trends and marketing strategies in the media industry.

Mediaweek was especially known for its coverage of television programming, audience ratings, and advertising trends. It also published special reports on topics including the digital media landscape, cable television networks, and Hispanic and other multicultural media markets.

In its later years of publication, Mediaweek shifted its focus to cover the digital media landscape and the impact of the internet on traditional media channels.

Mediaweek ceased publication in 2011 as Adweek sought to consolidate its brands and resources following the decline in print advertising revenues in the late 2000s. Its legacy as a leading source of news and analysis in the media industry remains strong, and its archives continue to be used as a resource by journalists and researchers.{{Categories}}

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