Medical World News

Medical World News was a monthly medical magazine published in the United States from 1960 to 1995. The magazine was particularly focused on reporting news and developments from the medical industry, including clinical research, healthcare policy, and medical breakthroughs.magazine-cover-not-available.png

The magazine was founded by Thomas William Dunk and was published by Elsevier. At its peak, Medical World News had a circulation of over 300,000 readers.

Medical World News had a reputation for being a reliable source of information for physicians, medical students, and other healthcare professionals. Its content included in-depth feature articles, case studies, and interviews with leading medical professionals.

One of the magazine's most significant editorial achievements was its coverage of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1980s. Medical World News was one of the first medical publications to recognize the seriousness of the epidemic and reported on the latest research findings and treatment options.

Medical World News ceased publication in 1995 after Elsevier decided to refocus its publishing efforts on academic and scientific journals. Though the magazine is no longer in print, its archives remain a valuable resource for researchers studying the history of medicine and the evolution of healthcare policies and practices.{{Categories}}

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