Men's Fitness

Men's Fitness was a US-based health and fitness magazine focused on men's physical and mental wellness. The magazine was published by American Media, Inc. and had a monthly circulation of over 600,000 readers.Image:mens-fitness-sample-cover.webp

Men's Fitness was initially launched in 1987 as a men's health and lifestyle magazine but underwent a rebranding in the 2000s to focus more on fitness and exercise. The magazine's content included workout routines, healthy meal plans, and articles on mental health and wellbeing.

The magazine also covered current trends in health and fitness, including the rise of CrossFit and other popular workout programs. Additionally, Men's Fitness regularly featured interviews with professional athletes and fitness experts.

In 2018, American Media, Inc. sold Men's Fitness to American Media LLC, which merged the magazine with Muscle & Fitness to form a new publication called Muscle & Fitness Hers and renamed Men's Fitness as Men's Journal.

Men's Fitness ceased print production in 2017, with subsequent issues only being available in digital formats. Though the magazine is no longer in print, its legacy remains as a testament to the importance of physical and mental fitness in men's health.{{Categories}}

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