Mental Floss

Mental Floss is an American magazine and website focused on trivia, pop culture, and general knowledge. The magazine was founded in 2001 by Will Pearson and Mangesh Hattikudur and is currently owned by Minute Media.mental-floss-sample-cover

Mental Floss publishes ten issues each year, and its content is primarily composed of lists and articles on history, science, language, and culture. The magazine is known for its unique, humorous approach to trivia and fun facts.

In addition to its print magazine, Mental Floss also has a strong online presence. The magazine's website features additional articles, quizzes, and videos on various topics, as well as an online store selling books, games, and other merchandise.

Mental Floss has a loyal readership and is recognized for its engaging and educational content. In addition to its regular magazine issues, the publication has also released several books, including "Condensed Knowledge" and "The Mental Floss History of the World."

In 2011, Mental Floss was acquired by Felix Dennis's company, Dennis Publishing. In 2021, the magazine was sold to Minute Media, a global sports media and technology company headquartered in Tel Aviv.{{Categories}}

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