Mi Gente Hispana

Mi Gente Hispana (also known as My Hispanic People in English) is a biweekly magazine that focuses on topics relevant to the Hispanic community. The magazine is published in the United States and is primarily written in Spanish.Image:mi-gente-hispana-sample-cover

First published in 2000, Mi Gente Hispana has become an important source of information and entertainment for Spanish-speaking communities in the US, reaching more than 120,000 readers nationwide. The magazine includes a mix of articles covering a range of topics, including news, politics, culture, entertainment, health, fashion, and lifestyle.

Mi Gente Hispana also features regular contributions from a variety of writers and content creators, including journalists, academics, activists, and community leaders. In addition, the magazine publishes opinion pieces and editorials on issues affecting Hispanic communities, providing a platform for diverse voices and perspectives.

Over the years, Mi Gente Hispana has won several awards for its reporting and editorial content. In 2015, the magazine was recognized by the National Association of Hispanic Publications with the "Best Multi-Cultural Publication Award". The magazine was also recognized in 2018 for its outstanding journalism by the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

Today, Mi Gente Hispana remains a vital and influential publication for Hispanic communities across the United States, providing a platform for news, opinion, and culture that reflects the diverse experiences and perspectives of the Hispanic diaspora.{{Categories}}

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