Modern Electronics

Modern Electronics was a monthly magazine published in the United States between 1984 and 1991. Image:modern-electronics-sample-cover

The magazine covered the latest developments in electronic technology, with a focus on practical applications of electronic devices and systems. It included articles on computer hardware and software, audio and video technology, and electronic design and construction.

Modern Electronics was published by Gernsback Publications, Inc., which was founded by Hugo Gernsback, a Luxembourgian-American inventor and science fiction writer. Gernsback was known for his pioneering work in the field of science fiction, and he is credited with coining the term "science fiction" in 1929.

Modern Electronics was the successor to Electronics World, another magazine founded by Hugo Gernsback. After Modern Electronics ceased publication in 1991, it was succeeded by Electronics Now, a magazine that covered similar topics.

Modern Electronics featured articles from prominent engineers and designers in the electronics field, such as Forrest M. Mims III, a popular electronics author and inventor, and Robert Pease, a notable analog circuit designer. The magazine also included a "Reader Input" section, where readers could write in with questions and comments.

Though no longer in publication, Modern Electronics remains a valuable resource for those interested in the history of electronics technology.{{Categories}}

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