Mother Earth

Mother Earth is a magazine that focuses on sustainable living and environmental stewardship. The magazine was first founded in 1970 under the name "The Mother Earth News" by John Shuttleworth and Jane Shuttleworth, who were then Homesteaders. The magazine was later purchased by Bryan Welch and Ogden Publications in 2008 and underwent a rebrand to become "Mother Earth News".Image:mother-earth-sample-cover

The magazine provides readers with practical tips, advice, and information on issues such as organic gardening, renewable energy, natural health, and DIY home-building, with a focus on living in harmony with the planet.

Mother Earth News quickly became a leader in the sustainable living movement and developed a devoted following of readers, known as "homesteaders", who sought to reduce their impact on the environment and live self-sufficiently.

In 2002, Mother Earth launched a sister publication titled "Grit", which shares similar themes with Mother Earth but with a focus on rural living and agriculture.

Today, Mother Earth News and Grit continue to publish bimonthly and have a combined readership of over 600,000 subscribers. The publications serve as valuable resources for sustainability enthusiasts, providing relevant and accessible information on green living practices and ethical, eco-friendly consumer choices.{{Categories}}

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