Motion Picture Herald

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Motion Picture Herald was a trade magazine that covered the motion picture industry in the United States. The publication focused on the business side of the film industry, and primarily catered to theater owners, distributors, and exhibitors.

The magazine was first published in 1930 by Quigley Publishing Company, founded by Martin Quigley and James F. Reilly. Motion Picture Herald largely focused on updates and developments in the film exhibition industry, including news on new theater openings, box office revenues, and upcoming releases.

Motion Picture Herald also featured regular columns that covered updates on industry news, advertisements, and analysis of box office trends. In addition, the magazine also included reviews of films and new technological innovations.

During World War II, Motion Picture Herald was suspended for a few years, but resumed publication afterwards. The magazine continued to be published well into the 20th century and was influential in the movie industry.

In the 1960s, Motion Picture Herald, like other trade publications, faced increasing competition from new media. The magazine responded by attempting to broaden its coverage and appeal to a wider audience. However, despite these efforts, circulation of the magazine declined, and it eventually ceased publication in 1972.{{Categories}}

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