Motorcycle Consumer News

Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN) was a magazine that focused on motorcycles and motorcycle-related products. The magazine was published monthly from 1969 until 2021.Image:motorcycle-consumer-news-sample-cover

MCN was known for its objective and in-depth product testing and detailed technical analyses, particularly in its motorcycle reviews. The publication also regularly featured articles on motorcycle safety, touring, and racing, as well as technical advice for motorcycle maintenance and customization.

MCN was unique in its approach to reviewing motorcycles. Rather than accepting advertising revenue from manufacturers, the magazine purchased every motorcycle it tested anonymously. This allowed for unbiased and thorough reviews that were highly regarded in the motorcycle community.

In addition to its print publication, MCN also maintained an online presence, featuring web-exclusive content and reviews. The magazine also published several books on motorcycle maintenance and safety.

In 2021, MCN announced that it would cease publication after 52 years due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

MCN was widely regarded as a trusted source of information and advice for motorcycle enthusiasts, and its dedication to objective product testing and analysis helped set it apart from other motorcycle publications.{{Categories}}

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