Moving Pictures

Moving Pictures was a British film magazine that was published monthly from 1913 to 1928. Its first editor was filmmaker Cecil Hepworth, who was succeeded by A.C. Bromhead.Image:moving-pictures-sample-cover

The publication covered all aspects of the British film industry, including news, reviews, and interviews with filmmakers. Its content featured articles that explored cinema history and theory, as well as commentary on contemporary issues facing the industry.

Moving Pictures was notable for its coverage of early British cinema and its emphasis on the craft of filmmaking. It featured detailed articles on specific techniques, such as editing and camera work, as well as essays on the creative process of filmmaking.

In addition to its coverage of British cinema, Moving Pictures also covered international film news, with a particular focus on Hollywood cinema. The magazine's comprehensive reporting made it a vital resource for filmmakers, students, and fans of cinema.

Moving Pictures ceased publication in 1928, due in part to the rise of new film publications that focused more on the celebrity aspects of the film industry. Nevertheless, the magazine's impact on British film history is undeniable, and its articles and illustrations remain a valuable resource for scholars and enthusiasts.{{Categories}}

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