Musical Courier

Musical Courier is an American classical music magazine that was first published in 1880. It is the oldest continuously published music magazine in the United States, and is widely regarded as a leading voice in the classical music industry.Image:musical-courier-sample-cover

The publication covers a broad range of topics related to classical music, including news, reviews, artist profiles, and feature articles. Its coverage includes orchestral music, opera, chamber music, and solo recitals.

Musical Courier has a rich history, and has been associated with many notable figures in classical music. In the early 20th century, it was particularly influential in promoting the music of composers such as Gustav Mahler and Richard Strauss, who were then little-known in the United States.

Over the years, the publication has undergone many changes, including ownership changes and shifts in focus. Today, Musical Courier is owned by K&S Media, and continues to be a respected voice in the classical music industry. Its audience includes musicians, music lovers, educators, and industry professionals.{{Categories}}

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