Musician was an American music magazine that was first published in 1976. The publication was aimed at professional musicians and music enthusiasts, and covered a broad range of music-related topics.Image:musician-sample-cover

The magazine featured interviews with popular and influential musicians, as well as instructional articles on various topics related to music performance and production. It also provided reviews of new recordings, gear, and music industry news.

Musician was known for its insightful and in-depth coverage of music and the music industry. Its contributors included prominent musicians, journalists, and music industry insiders.

Over the years, Musician underwent several changes in ownership and editorial direction, and faced financial challenges. In 1999, it was acquired by a media company that merged it with another magazine. The merged publication was then renamed.

Despite its eventual demise, Musician left a mark on the music industry and remains a beloved and respected publication among musicians and music lovers.{{Categories}}

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