National Communications

National Communications magazine (NCM) was a monthly publication that covered all aspects of the radio communications industry. The magazine was founded in 1987 by publisher McEwen Communications, Inc., and had a total of 312 issues before it ceased publication in 2016.Image:national-communications-sample-cover

NCM provided news and analysis of the latest developments in radio communications technology, including two-way radios, wireless devices, and mobile communications. The magazine also covered regulations and standards affecting the radio communications industry, as well as interviews with industry leaders and profiles of successful companies.

NCM was known for its high-quality journalism and was a trusted source of information for professionals in the radio communications industry. The magazine won numerous awards, including the 1998 Folio Award for Best Business-To-Business Magazine.

However, as the communications industry changed and moved toward digital technologies, NCM faced challenges in keeping up with the latest trends. In addition, the rise of online media and the decline of print advertising revenue made it difficult for the magazine to remain profitable. NCM ultimately ceased publication in January 2016.{{Categories}}

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