National Lampoon

National Lampoon was an American humor magazine that was founded in 1970. The publication was initially a spinoff of the Harvard Lampoon, a humor magazine that was founded in 1876 at Harvard University.Image:national-lampoon-sample-cover

The magazine was known for its irreverent sense of humor and featured satirical articles, parodies, and comics that often pushed the boundaries of good taste. It was also known for its iconic cover illustrations, many of which were created by artists like John Belushi.

National Lampoon was a cultural phenomenon in the 1970s, and its brand quickly expanded beyond the magazine to include comedy albums, live shows, and eventually movies. Some of the most famous movies produced under the National Lampoon brand include Animal House, Vacation, and Christmas Vacation.

Despite its initial success, National Lampoon faced financial challenges in the 1980s. The magazine struggled to stay relevant as the comedy landscape changed, and advertisers began to pull their support due to controversial content. In 1998, the magazine folded after 28 years of publication.

Despite its relatively short run, National Lampoon left a lasting impact on American culture, influencing a generation of comedians and satirists. Its legacy lives on in the National Lampoon radio hour, the National Lampoon Comedy Hour, and various iterations of the Vacation movie franchise.{{Categories}}

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