Nest magazine was a quarterly design publication founded in 1997 by Joseph Holtzman in New York City. It was known for its engaging and unconventional exploration of design, presenting unusual, often overlooked objects and interiors. Image:nest-sample-cover

The magazine's presentation was as much a part of its appeal as its content. Each issue was distinctly designed, incorporating unusual layouts and typography, as well as unique printing techniques. The magazine's pages were often interspersed with works of art and photography that complemented the featured designs.

Nest built a loyal following, with content covering a wide range of design topics including furniture, architecture, and decorative arts. Its focus was often on the unusual and unexpected, showcasing design inspiration from around the world.

Despite critical acclaim, the magazine struggled financially over the years. After a string of financial setbacks, Nest was forced to cease publication after its Fall 2004 issue. Its editorial archives were later acquired by the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York City.

Nest's legacy can be seen in the numerous design publications that followed it, as well as in the work of designers, architects and artists that were featured in its pages.{{Categories}}

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