New England Monthly

New England Monthly was a regional magazine focused on the culture, lifestyle, and history of the northeastern United States. The magazine was founded in 1980 in Boston, Massachusetts and was published on a monthly basis. Image:new-england-monthly-sample-cover

The magazine covered a wide range of topics related to New England, including art, literature, cuisine, and travel. Its content was often written by local writers, journalists, and historians who had deep ties to the region.

New England Monthly's articles often featured in-depth interviews with prominent New Englanders, including authors, chefs, and business leaders. The magazine also highlighted cultural events and festivals in the region, as well as offering recommendations on places to visit and things to do.

Despite initial success, New England Monthly faced financial difficulties throughout its history, eventually ceasing publication in 1995. The magazine is remembered as an important resource for understanding the history and culture of the New England region, as well as a valuable record of local perspectives on the era in which it was published.{{Categories}}

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