New Hampshire Troubadour

New Hampshire Troubadour was a literary magazine published by the Poetry Society of New Hampshire from 1978 to 2018. The publication was dedicated to poetry and featured works by emerging and established poets, many of whom hailed from the state of New Hampshire.Image:new-hampshire-troubadour-sample-cover

New Hampshire Troubadour was published on a quarterly basis and serviced a variety of readers across the United States. The magazine's mission was to promote poetry and encourage new poets, as well as to create a platform for poets to publish their works and connect with a wider audience.

The magazine was edited by knowledgeable poetry enthusiasts and professionals. It was known for its eclectic tastes, often featuring a range of poetic styles, from traditional forms to experimental poetry. The publication also included interviews with poets and poetry reviews.

New Hampshire Troubadour was a celebrated publication in the literary community, recognized widely for its commitment to fostering artistic community and supporting both established and emerging poets. It remained an important record of the state of poetry in New Hampshire for 40 years, and it continues to be celebrated by writers and readers alike.{{Categories}}

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