New Orleans Monthly Review

New Orleans Monthly Review, also known as NOMR, was a monthly magazine that covered news and events in New Orleans, Louisiana. The publication was founded in 1946 by a group of journalists and writers who aimed to offer in-depth coverage of local politics, culture, and society.Image:new-orleans-monthly-review-sample-cover

The magazine was known for its investigative reporting and its coverage of important issues facing the city, including crime, education, and racial inequality. NOMR also featured reviews of local restaurants, music venues, and cultural events, as well as profiles of notable individuals in the city.

Throughout its history, NOMR received numerous awards and accolades for its journalism, including several from the Press Club of New Orleans. The magazine was also recognized for its contributions to the city's cultural and intellectual life.

In 1977, NOMR was acquired by the Times-Picayune newspaper, and later became a section within the newspaper. However, the publication continued to maintain its independent editorial voice and remained a respected source of information on local news and culture in New Orleans.

Sadly, New Orleans Monthly Review ceased publication in 1990, but it remains an important part of the city's journalistic history, having influenced the way locals thought about issues affecting the city for over four decades.{{Categories}}

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