New York Communist

New York Communist was a monthly Marxist magazine that was published by the Communist Party of America between 1919 and 1921. The magazine was edited by Jay Lovestone, a prominent American communist activist, and featured contributions from a number of leading Marxist writers and intellectuals of the time, including John Reed and Leon Trotsky.magazine-cover-not-available.png

New York Communist was known for its strong advocacy of socialist ideals and the rights of the working class. The magazine featured articles on topics such as labor rights, socialism, communism, and international affairs, and was a leading voice in the American Marxist movement.

In addition to its political content, New York Communist also published reviews of mainstream literature, theater, and art. The magazine aimed to promote Marxist perspectives on culture and the arts, and to advocate for the creation of a new proletarian culture in the United States.

Despite its important role in American Marxist activism, New York Communist experienced financial difficulty throughout its existence, and was forced to cease publication in 1921. However, the magazine remains an important part of the history of the American left and its legacy lives on in socialist and Marxist political thought.{{Categories}}

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