Next Magazine

Next Magazine was a bi-weekly LGBT magazine that was published in New York City from 1993 to 2018. The magazine was founded by Richard Klein and Tim Smight, and was known for its coverage of LGBT news, culture, arts, and nightlife.Image:next-magazine-sample-cover

Next Magazine quickly became an important part of the LGBT community in New York City, and its influence extended beyond the city to the wider LGBT community in the United States. The magazine's coverage of important political and social issues affecting the LGBT community helped to raise awareness and promote acceptance of LGBT rights.

In addition to its political and cultural coverage, Next Magazine was also a popular source of information about LGBT nightlife in New York City. The magazine regularly featured reviews of clubs, bars, and parties, and was known for its coverage of the annual New York City Pride Parade.

Despite its success and popularity, Next Magazine faced financial difficulties during its later years and was forced to cease publication in 2018. However, the magazine's legacy lives on in the LGBT community and its contributions to the promotion of LGBT rights and culture continue to be felt.{{Categories}}

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