NextStepU is a quarterly print and online magazine aimed at high school students in the United States who are preparing for college. The magazine was founded in 2005 and is published by Carnegie Communications, a digital marketing and recruitment company based in Westford, Massachusetts.Image:nextstepu-sample-cover

The magazine provides guidance and advice to high school students on a variety of topics related to college admissions and the college experience. The topics covered in the magazine include college search and selection, college readiness, financial aid, scholarships, and the college application process.

In addition to the magazine, NextStepU also provides an array of online resources and tools to help high school students plan for college. These resources include interactive planning tools, virtual campus tours, career advice, and scholarship search engines.

NextStepU is distributed free of charge to high schools across the United States, and the magazine's online version is available to anyone with internet access. The magazine has won several awards for its content and design, including a Gold Award from the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals.{{Categories}}

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