Night Sky

Night Sky magazine is a monthly magazine published by Kalmbach Media, a Wisconsin-based publishing company specializing in hobbyist magazines. The magazine primarily caters to hobbyists interested in astronomy and stargazing.Image:night-sky-sample-cover

The magazine was first published in 1935 under the name The Sky. Over the years, the magazine has incorporated several other astronomy-related publications, including Deep Sky, Sky & Telescope, and the Australian publication Sky & Space.

Each issue of Night Sky Magazine features a mix of astronomy-related articles, reviews of telescopes and other equipment, and star maps and sky charts for stargazing enthusiasts. The magazine also includes astrophotography tips and techniques, advice on dark-sky locations for observing the stars, and profiles of notable astronomers and contributions to the field.

Night Sky magazine has won several awards for its content and design, including the "Best Consumer Astronomy Magazine" award from the International Astronomical Union in 2017.

The magazine also maintains a website which offers additional content and resources for readers, including interactive star charts, news reports on astronomical events and discoveries, and a forum for readers to share tips, techniques, and experiences.


Night Sky Magazine has played an important role in popularizing astronomy and stargazing as a hobby, particularly in the United States. The magazine's blend of accessible writing and high-quality images and illustrations has helped make stargazing and astronomy more accessible and engaging for hobbyists of all ages and experience levels.{{Categories}}

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