Nine-O-One Network

Nine-O-One Network was a print magazine published by Nine-O-One Network, a Memphis-based television network. The magazine primarily targeted viewers in the network's local Memphis market, and featured various articles, interviews, and other content related to the network's shows and personalities.Image:nine-o-one-network-sample-cover

The magazine was first published in 1976 and ceased publication in 1991, with a total of 128 issues released over its 15-year run. During its peak, the magazine had a circulation of around 25,000 copies, making it one of the most popular local television magazines in the Memphis area.

Each issue of Nine-O-One Network Magazine typically included a mix of features and columns, covering a range of topics related to Nine-O-One Network shows and personalities. The magazine also included interviews with local and national celebrities, as well as coverage of local events and personalities.

Despite its success, declining advertising revenue eventually led to the magazine's cancellation in 1991. Nine-O-One Network continued to produce other television content targeted towards viewers in the Memphis area, including news and entertainment programming.


Despite its relatively brief run, Nine-O-One Network Magazine remains an important artifact of Memphis television history. The magazine's blend of coverage of local events, personalities, and celebrities, as well as its insider access to Nine-O-One Network shows and personalities, provide a unique window into the television and entertainment industry in Memphis in the 1970s and 1980s. The magazine is also valued as a collector's item for fans of the network and its shows.{{Categories}}

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