Northern Junket

Northern Junket was a magazine published in the United States that focused on traditional crafts, folk art, and rural living. Founded in 1965 by Celeste and Fred Ray, the magazine was headquartered in Rochester, Minnesota.Image:northern-junket-sample-cover

The magazine published six issues annually and featured articles on a wide range of topics, including quilting, woodworking, basketry, and home gardening. Each issue also included recipes, book reviews, and news about upcoming events related to traditional crafts and folk art.

Northern Junket gained a loyal following among readers interested in traditional crafts and rural living, and was known for its high-quality photography and writing. The magazine also sponsored several crafts conferences and festivals, which drew attendees from around the country.

In 1985, Northern Junket was sold to a new publisher, who continued to operate the magazine until its final issue was published in 1994. Despite its relatively short run, Northern Junket remains a significant part of the history of traditional crafts and folk art in the United States.{{Categories}}

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