Nuestro was a pioneering magazine aimed at the Latin American community in the United States. The magazine was published in English and Spanish from 1940 to 1961 and was based in Los Angeles.Image:nuestro-sample-cover

Nuestro was established by Sonny King, an African-American jazz singer, and activist who recognized the lack of representation of Latin Americans in mainstream media at the time. The magazine aimed to create a platform for Latin American voices, celebrating the culture and achievements of the Latin American community in the United States.

Nuestro's content was diverse and covered a broad range of topics that were relevant to the Latin American community, including politics, art, literature, and entertainment. Over the years, the magazine featured contributions from a wide range of writers, artists, and politicians, including Frida Kahlo, Langston Hughes, and Cesar Chavez.

Nuestro was known for its advocacy of civil rights and social justice issues. The magazine played an important role in shaping the public discourse and challenging stereotypes associated with Latin American culture. Nuestro also showcased emerging talent in literature and art and provided a platform for Latin American writers and artists who were often overlooked by mainstream publishers.

Despite its relatively short run, Nuestro became an influential publication that paved the way for other Latin American publications in the United States. The magazine's legacy was felt in Latin American communities across the United States, and its contributions to promoting social justice and fighting prejudice and discrimination continue to inspire generations.{{Categories}}

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