Ocean Realm

Ocean Realm was a bi-monthly magazine published in the United States from 1997 to 2012. The magazine focused on marine life, ocean exploration, and scuba diving.Image:ocean-realm-sample-cover

Ocean Realm covered a range of topics related to marine biology, oceanography, and environmental conservation. The magazine was known for its stunning underwater photography and in-depth articles exploring the undersea world and its inhabitants.

In addition to its feature articles, Ocean Realm also provided practical information on scuba diving techniques, equipment, and destinations. The magazine featured reviews of dive resorts and live-aboard boats, as well as training and certification advice for scuba divers of all levels.

Ocean Realm's readership was primarily made up of scuba diving enthusiasts, marine biologists, and ocean conservationists. The magazine was highly regarded for its informative and engaging content, as well as its commitment to promoting ocean conservation and environmental awareness.

In 2012, Ocean Realm ceased publication, as the magazine's parent company decided to focus on other print and digital media properties. However, the legacy of Ocean Realm lives on, as it helped to inspire a generation of scuba divers, marine conservationists, and ocean enthusiasts to explore and protect the world's oceans.{{Categories}}

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