Odyssey was a children's magazine published in the United States from 1979 to 1998.Image:odyssey-sample-cover

The magazine catered to children aged 9 to 14 and was designed to educate and entertain young readers. Odyssey covered a wide variety of topics, including science, history, literature, and the arts. The magazine's content was carefully curated to inspire curiosity and intellectual development in young readers.

Odyssey's editorial team included a number of noted children's book authors and illustrators, who contributed original stories, poems, and artwork to the magazine. The magazine also featured articles written by experts in various fields, providing readers with accurate and engaging information about a range of subjects.

In addition to its educational content, Odyssey also featured puzzles, games, and interactive activities designed to stimulate young readers' imaginations and promote learning through fun and creativity. The magazine's approach to children's education was widely praised, earning it numerous awards and accolades during its nearly two decades of publication.

Despite its popularity, Odyssey was eventually discontinued in 1998, largely due to financial difficulties faced by its publisher. However, the magazine remains highly regarded among educators and parents alike as a groundbreaking and innovative educational tool that inspired generations of young readers to explore the world around them.{{Categories}}

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