Official Dreamcast Magazine (USA)

Official Dreamcast Magazine was a monthly video game magazine published by Ziff Davis from 1999 to 2001.Image:official-dreamcast-magazine-usa-sample-cover

The magazine was dedicated to coverage of Sega's Dreamcast console, which was released in North America in 1999. Official Dreamcast Magazine provided readers with exclusive news and reviews of the latest Dreamcast games, as well as detailed previews of upcoming releases.

In addition to its video game coverage, Official Dreamcast Magazine also featured a variety of articles on related topics, such as interviews with game developers, coverage of industry events, and hints and tips for popular games.

Official Dreamcast Magazine was widely regarded as one of the leading video game magazines of its time, thanks to its insightful and authoritative coverage of the Dreamcast console and its games. The magazine's editorial team included a number of seasoned video game journalists, who provided readers with informed opinion and analysis of the latest titles.

Despite its popularity, Official Dreamcast Magazine was eventually discontinued in 2001, due in large part to the declining fortunes of Sega's Dreamcast console. Nevertheless, the magazine remains a beloved artifact of the late 90s video game scene and a valuable source of information for video game historians and enthusiasts alike.{{Categories}}

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