OP Magazine

OP Magazine was a short-lived British music and lifestyle publication that operated from 1981 to 1982. The magazine was founded by Kevin McManus and Peter Stuart, and was published by Living Marxism Ltd, the company behind LM Magazine.Image:op-magazine-sample-cover

OP Magazine covered a range of topics, including music, fashion, and youth-oriented culture. The magazine published reviews of new records, interviews with emerging bands, and articles on fashion and style.

One of the unique features of OP Magazine was its emphasis on photography, featuring images of artists, celebrities, and models throughout each issue. The magazine collaborated with many renowned photographers, including Pennie Smith, Kevin Cummins, and Jill Furmanovsky.

OP Magazine was highly regarded for its visual aesthetic and innovative design, which helped to set it apart from other music and lifestyle publications of the era.

Despite its popularity, OP Magazine ceased publication in 1982 after running into financial difficulties. The magazine's closure was seen as a significant loss for British music and culture, with many journalists and fans lamenting its passing.

Today, OP Magazine remains a celebrated example of British music and lifestyle journalism from the early 1980s, with many of its articles and photographs continuing to inspire and influence new generations of journalists and creatives.{{Categories}}

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