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OPEN is a bi-monthly publication that covers topics related to North Dakota, United States of America. The magazine is published by the North Dakota Department of Tourism.

The main objective of OPEN North Dakota Magazine is to promote tourism and economic growth in the state. The magazine features articles on various topics concerning North Dakota, such as cultural events, outdoor activities, local cuisine, historical sites, arts, and entertainment.

The magazine also provides in-depth coverage of North Dakota’s varied communities and profiles notable personalities. These features highlight stories about local culture, traditions and stories that define the state’s way of life, making it an excellent source for those interested in North Dakota’s rich cultural heritage.

Another essential focus of OPEN North Dakota Magazine is to provide visitors with resources and information they will need while visiting North Dakota. These resources include guides, maps, and practical tips to help visitors plan their trip to the region successfully.

In addition, the magazine promotes North Dakota businesses, encouraging economic development within the state. The magazine features business success stories, entrepreneurs, and articles that highlight North Dakota’s diverse industries, such as agriculture, technology, manufacturing, and more.

Overall, OPEN North Dakota Magazine stands out as an essential marketing tool for the state, promoting North Dakota as an excellent tourist destination and an ideal place to do business.{{Categories}}

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