Option was a monthly music magazine focused on alternative and independent music. The magazine was first published in 1985 and continued to release issues until it eventually ceased publication in 1998.Image:option-sample-cover

Option was founded by Scott Becker and editor-in-chief, David DiGaudio, and was originally based in Hollywood, California. The magazine featured reviews, interviews, and articles on a wide range of music genres including punk rock, new wave, indie rock, and experimental music.

Option was known for its in-depth coverage of underground and independent music scenes and its commitment to promoting emerging artists and genres. The magazine's reviews and articles were written by notable music critics and journalists including Greil Marcus, Jim DeRogatis, and Ann Powers, among others.

Throughout its thirteen-year run, Option published over 130 issues and became an influential voice in the alternative music community. The magazine's coverage of emerging genres and artists helped to shape the musical landscape of the 1980s and 1990s.

In addition to its print edition, Option was also noteworthy for its role in promoting and distributing independent and alternative music recordings. The magazine released several compilation albums featuring previously unreleased tracks from emerging artists, including Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., and Mudhoney, among others.

Today, Option is recognized as a significant publication in the history of music journalism and independent music culture. The magazine's legacy continues to inspire and inform new generations of musicians and music fans.{{Categories}}

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