Opus was a classical music magazine focused on audio recordings, reviews, and interviews. The magazine was first published in 1983 and continued to release issues until it eventually ceased publication in 2008.Image:opus-sample-cover

Opus was founded by John Barkham, and was based in New York City. The magazine's content emphasized musical criticism and analysis, with a particular focus on recorded performances.

Opus was noteworthy for its comprehensive coverage of different classical music genres, including chamber music, opera, choral music, and orchestral works, among others. The magazine's reviews and articles were written by notable music critics and journalists including Andrew Quint, Scott Cantrell, and Charles Ward.

Throughout its 25-year run, Opus published a total of 222 issues, covering a wide range of classical music topics and recordings. The magazine's editorial approach helped to establish it as a respected voice in the classical music community, with a reputation for insightful analysis and commentary.

In addition to its print edition, Opus also maintained an online presence, offering streaming audio and video content, as well as searchable archives of its print issues.

Today, Opus is recognized as a significant publication in the history of classical music journalism and criticism. The magazine's legacy continues to inform and inspire new generations of classical music aficionados.{{Categories}}

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