Othello Quarterly

Othello Quarterly was a literary magazine that specialized in publishing works relating to Shakespeare and the Elizabethan era. The magazine was first published in 1988 and continued to release issues until it eventually ceased publication in 2017.Image:othello-quarterly-sample-cover

Othello Quarterly was founded by Samuel Crowl and was based in the United States. The magazine's content emphasized literary criticism and analysis, as well as original works of poetry and fiction inspired by the works of Shakespeare.

Othello Quarterly was known for its comprehensive coverage of different literary genres, including in-depth analyses of Shakespeare's plays and sonnets, Elizabethan poetry and drama, and contemporary adaptations of Shakespearean works. The magazine's reviews and articles were written by notable scholars and critics of literature, including Stephen Greenblatt, Harold Bloom, and Stanley Fish.

Throughout its 29-year run, Othello Quarterly published a total of 108 issues, covering a wide range of literary topics and genres. The magazine was considered a leading publication in the field of Shakespearean scholarship, and its articles were often cited in academic journals and presented at conferences and symposiums on Shakespeare and Renaissance literature.

In addition to its print edition, Othello Quarterly also maintained an online presence, offering exclusive online content and searchable archives of its print issues.

Today, Othello Quarterly is recognized as an important publication in the history of Shakespearean scholarship and literary criticism. The magazine's legacy continues to inform and inspire new generations of Shakespearean scholars and enthusiasts.{{Categories}}

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