Oui was a men's adult magazine founded in France in 1972 by Jacques H├ębert and published in the United States by Playboy Enterprises starting in September 1972. The magazine featured nude photography and articles on a variety of topics, including sex, politics, and popular culture.Image:oui-sample-cover

Oui became famous for its explicit nude photography of women, which was considered groundbreaking at the time. Unlike other adult magazines, Oui often featured nude photos in artistic and unconventional poses, and sometimes showcased fully nude male models as well.

Despite its adult content, Oui also published articles on serious topics such as politics and social issues, often featuring notable writers such as Norman Mailer and Gore Vidal. The magazine also included interviews with famous personalities in the fields of entertainment, sports, and politics.

Oui's popularity peaked in the 1970s, as it became one of the best-selling adult magazines in the United States. However, starting in the 1980s, the magazine faced increasing competition from other adult publications, as well as changing attitudes towards nudity and pornography.

Oui ceased publication in 2007, bringing an end to its 35-year run as a leading men's adult magazine. Despite its controversial content, Oui remains a notable publication in the history of adult magazines and is remembered for its daring and unconventional approach to photography and journalism.{{Categories}}

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