Out Traveler

Out Traveler is a bimonthly magazine published in the United States that caters to LGBTQ+ travelers. The magazine was founded by Joe Landry and Ian Darnell in 2003 and is currently published by Pride Media.Image:out-traveler-sample-cover

Out Traveler features travel-related articles and destination guides for LGBTQ+ travelers, covering a variety of topics including culture, food, nightlife, and local events. The magazine also includes travel tips, reviews of hotels, restaurants, and other travel-related services, and interviews with notable figures in the LGBTQ+ community.

In addition to its print publication, Out Traveler also has a website and social media presence, where readers can access additional content and connect with other LGBTQ+ travelers. The magazine has won several awards for its content, including the "Best LGBTQ Travel Magazine" award at the 2019 Travel Weekly Magellan Awards.

Out Traveler has been praised for its role in promoting LGBTQ+ travel and helping to make travel more accessible and inclusive for queer travelers. The magazine has also been recognized for its support of LGBTQ+ causes, including its partnership with the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association, as well as its coverage of LGBTQ+ events and organizations around the world.

Today, Out Traveler remains an important publication for LGBTQ+ travelers, providing valuable resources and information for those looking to explore the world with pride.{{Categories}}

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