OutServe Magazine

OutServe Magazine is a print and online publication for the LGBTQ+ military community, founded in 2012. It is the successor publication to the now-defunct "OutServe" magazine, which was forced to discontinue its operations following a security breach in 2012.Image:outserve-magazine-sample-cover

The magazine covers a range of topics related to the LGBTQ+ military community, including news, opinion, and entertainment. It also features interviews with military leaders, veterans, and other members of the community.

OutServe Magazine has been recognized for its advocacy work on behalf of LGBTQ+ service members, particularly in the area of ending the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. The magazine's publication of an interview with a gay Special Forces soldier in 2011 played a significant role in bringing attention to the issue and to the contributions of LGBTQ+ service members.

In addition to its editorial content, OutServe Magazine sponsors events and initiatives aimed at supporting LGBTQ+ service members and veterans. These include the annual "OutServe-SLDN National Dinner," which brings together members of the military and LGBTQ+ advocates from across the country.

Today, OutServe Magazine continues to be an important voice for the LGBTQ+ military community, providing support, advocacy, and a platform for sharing stories and perspectives from those who have served or are serving in the armed forces.{{Categories}}

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