OverRev is a Japanese monthly car magazine that focuses on the Japanese racing scene, as well as the latest trends in motor sports. The magazine features in-depth analysis of car models, including reviews, road tests, and modifications.Image:overrev-sample-cover

The magazine was first published in 1996 as a special edition of the Japanese weekly magazine, "Option." The success of the special edition led to the launch of a standalone magazine, which has since become a leading authority on Japanese car culture.

OverRev is known for its extensive coverage of drifting, a motor sport that originated in Japan and has since gained a global following. The magazine features profiles of notable drivers, coverage of major events, and tutorials on how to improve drifting technique.

In addition to its editorial content, OverRev sponsors and organizes events, including the "Option International Drift Meeting" and the "Option 2 Endurance Race." These events attract top drivers from around the world and are a significant part of the Japanese racing scene.

Today, OverRev continues to be a popular and respected voice in the world of car culture, providing enthusiasts with the latest news and trends, as well as coverage of events and features on iconic cars and drivers.{{Categories}}

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