Overspray magazine is a quarterly publication focused on contemporary graffiti art and culture. The magazine was founded in 2003 by British graffiti artist and designer Tristan Eaton.Image:overspray-sample-cover

Overspray features interviews with prominent graffiti artists, profiles of emerging talent, and coverage of events and festivals around the world. The magazine also includes reviews of graffiti-related books and media, as well as essays and articles on critical issues in the world of graffiti art.

In addition to its printed issues, Overspray has a strong online presence, with a website and social media channels that provide additional content, such as videos and photos.

The magazine is known for its high-quality printing and design, as well as its commitment to showcasing the full range of graffiti art, from traditional tag-based graffiti to more abstract forms of street art. Overspray's audience includes both established artists and enthusiasts, as well as a wider audience interested in the cultural significance of graffiti.

Today, Overspray continues to be a leading voice in the world of graffiti art, providing a platform for artists from around the world and contributing to ongoing conversations about the role of graffiti in contemporary culture.{{Categories}}

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