Ozone is a now-defunct American magazine dedicated to Southern hip hop music and culture. It was founded in 2002 by Julia Beverly, a hip hop journalist and photographer based in Houston, Texas.Image:ozone-sample-cover

Ozone covered the Southern hip hop scene extensively, featuring interviews and profiles of prominent artists, as well as reviews of new music and coverage of related events. The magazine was known for its focus on independent and underground artists, as well as its commitment to providing a platform for regional talent.

In addition to its music coverage, Ozone also provided a window into Southern hip hop culture, through features on fashion, nightlife, and social issues affecting the community. The magazine also sponsored events, such as the annual Ozone Awards, which recognized excellence in Southern hip hop.

Despite its popularity and influence, Ozone faced significant challenges in the late 2000s, including declining advertising revenue and competition from online media. The magazine ceased publication in 2010, after eight years in operation.

Today, Ozone remains a significant part of Southern hip hop history, having documented the rise of some of the genre's most influential artists and provided a platform for independent and underrepresented voices in the community.{{Categories}}

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